Spam and Eggs

Spam and Eggs - eBlast

It’s a classic breakfast, but Spam and eggs is not particularly the tastiest nor the healthiest. Likewise, many people wake up to Spam and marketing emails every morning.

And it’s not always a hit when unwanted Spam emails are on the table. When sending out marketing emails, hold the Spam.

Our colleagues at Toronto digital marketing agency Kobayashi Online recently posted an article to their blog that we think is worth reading.

What email marketing can offer your business helps explain how email messaging can be created and leveraged into an effective marketing tool — without alienating your clients!

It’s worthwhile to add that email marketing can not only be response-effective but cost-effective as well:

eblasts can be target-marketed to specific audiences: Based on your current email lists, you can target eblasts to your audience based on criteria like market segment, interest, or even locality.

This way, your email campaign can reach a heterogeneous and geographically dispersed audience without using a blind, “shotgun” approach.

  • eblasts are easily customized: Fine-tuning your message to your audience is a crucial way to give it the most impact. Luckily, an eblast can be modified quickly for a specific market without extra costs. It seldom takes more than some re-writing to make the message more suitable to a particular demographic.
  • eblast marketing can help strengthen your reputation: By adding to the conversation online, you’re helping take control of how your organization is seem online, which can, in turn, help raise your profile. This can be a cost-effective complementary or alternative to “real world” engagements such as advertisements and booths at industry events.
  • eblast marketing is especially helpful when your company projects a professional corporate identity and links back to a solidly designed website! Plus, you can measure the response using analytics.

Eblasts can cost-effectively help your company target specific markets, they can be easily customized, and they can strengthen your reputation.

Don’t confuse Spam with effective email marketing. If done well, recipients will want to open your email messages.

We can show you how online marketing might be good for your company profile AND your budget. Drop us a note! We’re not like Spam; we’re Fresh & Experienced!

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