Great Design is Relative; Design Advice from Relatives isn’t Always Great

We often rely on friends and family for honest advice — even when it comes to business decisions. But when it comes to design, it’s often best to trust a professional’s opinion.

We had to laugh at a recent Pajama Diaries comic strip where a designer meets a nightmare (but well-meaning) client. He says, “My cousin’s mother is a retired seamstress. She could help you out — she’s good with color and stuff.” The designer is polite but suggests that he’ll find a suitable logo designer in a grade 4 classroom.

We understand how people might seek a well-meaning aunt’s opinion over a designer, but we think you should be able to trust a good design agency, and to trust that they’ll make the right decisions for your business when it comes to creating and designing branding material for your company. It’s what they do every day, and it’s what their reputation is built on.

If the designer doesn’t deliver, they’ll be held accountable or be out of business.

And that kind of responsibility shouldn’t be part of your aunt’s job description… should it?

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