How a Logo Refresh Can Increase Your Profits

Your logo and corporate identity are visual representations of your brand and how you want customers to perceive it. Every good business manager knows that businesses change, customers change, and what’s appealing to people also changes. It’s wise to think about updating your logo and corporate identity every few years In order to align your company, your customers, and your marketing.

1. Show You’re Changing and Improving

Usually, businesses start out small, and you grow and improve. As successes start to pile up, you suddenly realize you’re not the business you were before, but transformed into something closer to your ideal company.

Keeping the logo you had when you started out reflects the company you were, not the one you are now. Your branding should reflect how your identity as a company has changed.

2. Make your Brand more Memorable

People are bombarded by media and advertising everyday, so making your logo and corporate identity stand out and be memorable is hard. But gaining recognition means that people will think of your company when it comes time to make a purchasing decision.

One of the classic ways to make your brand more memorable is through simplification. Removing extraneous design elements, limiting the colour palette, and eliminating needless wording are a few ways to simplify a design to make it more punchy. A simple design is able to elegantly represent your company’s unique qualities using fewer elements. This means the eye has less to compute, making your branding easier to absorb and to recognize later.

3. Reach Your Key Audience

Branding involves creating a visual identity that appeals to a certain segment of the market. You want your specific customers to identify with your logo, and this can often involve discovering what appeals to your customer base. This could mean expanding the appeal of your brand to a wider audience, or it could even mean narrowing your focus towards a specific audience.

4. Show You’re Not Hanging Onto the Past; or Forgetting the Past

A company’s ability to adapt gives it a better chance to thrive in any market. It often makes sense for a company to undergo a major change in direction rather than hold onto old processes and beliefs without letting go of valuable traditions.

For instance, you could have transitioned from a brick and mortar business to a web-based business, and it might be time to freshen up the colors and style of your logo to reflect the new business model and make your company seen in-touch with its customers and market. But it’s also important not to give up too much of your company history, which is bound to make your identity unique.

Your logo should reflect that your business’ focus has changed, but also incorporate your company’s legacy.

5. Add New Life to Your Company

A logo and corporate identity update not only shows customers that you care about your company and its direction, but also you and your employees. Staff will feel proud of a logo that truly reflects the workplace and the business they’ve helped to create.


Successful businesses realize that every aspect of their company needs to be maintained, and branding upkeep is part of this. Whether it’s advertising, digital, print, retail, packaging, and beyond, a corporate identity is how your customers often see your business. It’s important for the appearances to reflect the company you’re proud to run.

Our branding services at Finesilver Design + Communications, we can make sure your logo and corporate identity is unique and reflects your current company and customer focus, not what it used to do. Contact us today to find out how to make your company drive new business through design.

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