Realigning Marketing for Good

Your relationship with your customers is complicated. On one level, there’s the basic exchange of goods and services for money. But, in many ways, your product may serve other needs related to how your customer thinks about herself and her relationship to society.

Products like local produce are tied up with social causes. When people know that they’re buying something aligned with social good, they tend to feel that their actions are producing a positive effect in the world. This makes them feel good and more connected with others.

No longer are people just buying a product, they’re buying an “ethical” product and a feeling that they’re doing something good for other people.

There is, however, an important distinction: customers want to feel good about their decisions, but not guilty. According to a recent academic study in the Journal of Marketing, consumers have twice the likelihood of buying an “ethical” product when its marketing makes them feel good about the purchase rather than guilty about the unethical alternative.

Marketing is often about helping people understand how a product or service will benefit them, but marketing a product that has a social good involves communicating how it will benefit those beyond the consumer.

For products that really make a difference in the world, there’s an obligation to publicize the good that your company is doing. This helps raise awareness to the issues involved, but also help further the cause through increased sales. The marketing effort to be seen as an ethical company is something that can benefit everyone.

When customers are doing business with you, they’re buying into your shared vision for a better world. And that’s something worth buying into.

At Finesilver Design + Communications, we can help you align your products with a cause that’s important to your corporation and your customers. Give us a call today to get started on a marketing solution that moves people.

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