The Most Value Doesn’t Always Come From the Lowest Price


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Some customers choose price over all other considerations.

This is a fact.

And it’s no less true in the marketing and communications field where some companies (like ours) provide a higher quality of work.

When requesting competitive estimates, it is important that prospective customers be aware that not all of the companies who submit proposals will be providing equal experience charged at similar hourly rates. So it is not always a true “apples-to-apples” comparison.

Recently we were asked to provide a quote for designing and supplying an exhibit for a customer who wanted to showcase their brand at trade shows and other public spaces.

We were familiar with the company and their products and services. We assumed that when obtaining a competitive quote they would select a company who had a similar level of experience as ours and would supply an exhibit of equal quality.

Unfortunately, the customer’s decision came down to price.

In this case, the client was only looking at the bottom line rather than taking other things into consideration: level of design and service, knowledge of the industry, and what options would be available to them.

In all fairness, they might have had to chose a lower-price option based on their available resources.

But, as with most things in life, we usually get what we pay for, and those customers who choose price over all other considerations often learn that price is just one aspect of the customer decision, and that other factors will determine if the money they spend on marketing material represents good value.

Customers might not always see the differences between apples and oranges, listen to the advice of an experienced marketer, or know what represents good value for dollars spent. It’s sometimes a hard lesson to learn.

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