Finding Emotional Common Ground In Marketing and Advertising

In this blog post I want to draw your attention to a beautiful video from Brazil. It shows soccer fans excited about the idea of organ donation, which — at first — seems like a very unlikely connection.

The video conveys the message that organ donation can help keep the game they love alive. Organ transplants can help your fellow fans, players, and even rivals, which are an essential part of the game.

Furthermore, the video draws upon the values of soccer fans — how they see themselves — and draws a parallel between this and the act of organ donation. And this is expressed by soccer fans themselves, lending a greater authenticity to the message, and helping other fans identify with it.

As marketers and designers, our aim is often to come up with clever ways to get people to care about a product, a service, or a cause. This video demonstrates how one can align something people are passionate about (soccer) with an important cause (organ donation) to create a certain type of emotional connection.

And associations between things people love and what a marketer wants to promote can be found everywhere. For instance, the feeling of freedom is universally appealing, so an ad for an automobile might show the story of a road trip which demonstrates how the car can be used to leave the mundanity of life behind and explore the world.

Another example is a product like the iPhone, which is exciting and enticing not because of the number features it has, but because it promises new and innovative ways in which we can connect with others and with our world. As such, rather than cold specifications, Apple ads have been more likely to feature faces.

People generally don’t fall in love with facts, but they can more easily find an emotional connection between something they already love, and a new idea or product.

Please let us know if you need help finding a way for your customers to fall in love with your product, service, or cause, through a likely or unlikely connection with something that’s already dear to them.

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