Prioritizing Health and Well-Being for the Sake of Your Business


When we think about business priorities, it’s easy to forget to prioritize the human aspects that make people creative, productive and effective.

I wanted to draw attention to a blog post from Joshua Steimle, who is very open about prioritizing his own physical fitness as a way to increase his overall productivity.

While many would see this as a radical approach to work/life balance, Steimle, who is CEO of marketing firm MWI, finds that exercise is something that lifts up all other areas of his life, including his business.

He even schedules workouts during the workday because any loss of physical health, he says, impacts his productivity and his motivation, and it could lead to anxiety and depression.

Many entrepreneurs feel that if their business isn’t their top and only priority, they aren’t doing all they can do to make it successful. Yet, ignoring crucial areas of your life such as their health, relationships, and personal interests, can end up making someone a worse business owner.

It’s important not to forget that personal health and well-being plays an important role when it comes to your business’ success.

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