Design Isn’t Just About How Something Looks, It’s Also How It Works


Design tools and technologies have made it easier for anyone to make things. Going far back in time, the invention of the printing led to the end of hand-crafted illuminated manuscripts. More recently, desktop publishing did away with manual typesetting. There are also many tools and services now available to create a web presence without having to touch code.

Some blog posts have argued that technology has effectively killed design and others say it’s still alive. We certainly agree with the latter.

The growth of design tools may have changed certain aspects of design, but the true practice of design has continued to persist throughout these technological innovations. For instance, a designer may use Adobe Illustrator instead of a drafting table now, but their basic job remains the same.

Designer don’t just use these new tools to make things that look pretty; they design things to achieve a goal — an outcome. This could mean effectively communicating with your audience, converting customers, creating brand awareness, or whatever other outcome you’re trying to achieve.

For businesses, design isn’t just how something looks — it fits into the overall corporate strategy. Brands often do the majority of their communication with customers through design and marketing. Clearly, design strategy is key part of the business strategy.

While there are many tools and templates available to fit a certain aesthetic, this may not ultimately achieve the outcomes you want from your marketing. It might have the right look, but it might not effectively communicate. For that, you’ll need a designer.

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