Made to Measure: The Advantage of Using a Marketing Firm with a Network of Freelance Specialists — an Agency Without Limits

When we first opened our studio in 1980 we believed even back then that the model that best suited our business and my beliefs was to have only a small core group of key people while having access to best talent in their field on a freelance basis. It’s always made sense to us, and now more and more companies are starting to see the value.

Especially with the emergence of new media channels, it’s more effective to get the best specialists to engage audiences across platforms that are hard for generalists to keep up with. In the past, it might have been about newspapers, TV, billboards, and direct mail; and now we’re adding in websites, social media, pop-ups, sponsored articles and web content, and more. Marketing has been getting increasingly complex as ways to engage with consumers have multiplied.

While firms have popped up that specialize in things like online advertising, influencer marketing, social media, mobile marketing, and brand activation, it’s often difficult for companies to manage relationships with multiple vendors who aren’t working together and could be sending different (or conflicting) messages across channels. The client is then tasked with the unenviable role of managing their contractors — which could make them feel like the ringmaster in a three-ring circus.

The client has the difficult job of measuring the value they’re getting from each independent contractor, and it’s not always clear if, say, the website or a sponsored content campaign is leading to more conversions. There just isn’t visibility across different channels.

When it comes to marketing, clients need specialists who know a particular field, but they need to have a big-picture approach so all their marketing efforts fit into the company’s brand objectives.

Our agency takes an approach where we have a core team with a deep understanding of the fundamentals of marketing but we also have a network of trusted freelance specialists to draw upon. We can manage multiple contractors on your behalf and measure their impact — all while saving you time and money.

You could think of it as a “made to measure” approach. We bring the best talent to each project while keeping overhead down and getting the results. Clients are constantly looking for ways to keep their costs down and they’re asking their agencies to sharpen their pencils. This is especially so in this uncertain economy which both agencies and clients will have to continually deal with.

Our untraditional approach (which more agencies are moving towards) means we can get the best talent on-demand while still keeping costs low, which ultimately means we can provide more cohesive, affordable and effective marketing.

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