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Made to Measure: The Advantage of Using a Marketing Firm with a Network of Freelance Specialists — an Agency Without Limits

When we first opened our studio in 1980 we believed even back then that the model that best suited our business and my beliefs was to have only a small core group of key people while having access to best … Continue reading

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Use a Design Template or Break the Mould?

There have been several online marketplaces that have sprung up to provide templates for things like brochures, email newsletters, flyers, logos and even websites. The idea is that you could buy a template and assets like images to make something … Continue reading

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When your unique idea has already been done

Say you’ve got an idea that seems fresh, unique, clever and original… you might find that it’s already been done. We’ve seen movies with similar themes (so-called “twin films”) come out nearly at the same time like when two movies about … Continue reading

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Design Isn’t Just About How Something Looks, It’s Also How It Works

Design tools and technologies have made it easier for anyone to make things. Going far back in time, the invention of the printing led to the end of hand-crafted illuminated manuscripts. More recently, desktop publishing did away with manual typesetting. There … Continue reading

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Using the Power of Context in Real World Advertising

There’s a lot of hype around online “contextual advertising” these days. Basically, contextual advertising is when user data and algorithms are used to place online ads in front of a particular individual when and where they’re most likely to be contemplating a purchase. For … Continue reading

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How Education and Culture can Build Great Customer Relationships

The customer experience isn’t just about the sale transaction — it involves all interactions before, during and after the sale. Focusing too much on transactions can mean ignoring crucial aspects of the customer experience that help build customer relationships. Many … Continue reading

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Typography: A Lost Art That’s Becoming Found Again

It’s tempting to think that words have the same effect in different fonts and layouts, But, as I’ve mentioned before, typography is essential part in helping people understand visual communication. Yet, as many have noted, it seems that many designers … Continue reading

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What’s Your Brand’s Super Bowl Moment? Hint: It’s Probably Not the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl, American football’s biggest event, occurred earlier this month. However, it would be an understatement to say it is only a sporting event. As the largest spectator event in the U.S. and its ever-expanding audience, Super Bowl advertisements have become one of the most attractive … Continue reading

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Making Your Company’s Story the Main Attraction

For decades, newspapers and TV had been really effective for advertising because they packaged ads with content that people wanted. In order to read the news or watch a television program, one would have to see ads. While there are certain … Continue reading

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Finding Emotional Common Ground In Marketing and Advertising

In this blog post I want to draw your attention to a beautiful video from Brazil. It shows soccer fans excited about the idea of organ donation, which — at first — seems like a very unlikely connection.

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