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Better Planning Starts with Getting to Know your Client

In one of our very first blog posts, we wrote about how answers to just a few key questions help us provide clients with quick and accurate estimates. More than that, talking to clients and understanding their needs results in … Continue reading

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What to do Before a Product Launch to Increase Your Odds of Success

Even the best product or service can go unnoticed if a company doesn’t put the necessary planning and resources into its launch. The term “soft launch” is used to describe where the company itself doesn’t make an effort to call attention to new products and services. … Continue reading

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Prioritizing Health and Well-Being for the Sake of Your Business

When we think about business priorities, it’s easy to forget to prioritize the human aspects that make people creative, productive and effective. I wanted to draw attention to a blog post from Joshua Steimle, who is very open about prioritizing his … Continue reading

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What’s Your Brand’s Super Bowl Moment? Hint: It’s Probably Not the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl, American football’s biggest event, occurred earlier this month. However, it would be an understatement to say it is only a sporting event. As the largest spectator event in the U.S. and its ever-expanding audience, Super Bowl advertisements have become one of the most attractive … Continue reading

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Use Marketing for Transparent Product and Service Changes

There’s a Monty Python sketch where members of a Book of the Month Club answer their door to find a man dropping off a shipment of manure. Little did the subscribers know that free dung was included in their subscription. This … Continue reading

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Keeping Your Business on Track: Strategy, Content and Implementation

No two businesses are alike. Each enterprise has its own unique path of opportunity, challenge and reward ahead. The metaphor of a journey is particularly apt for entrepreneurs and internet businesses determined to survive and thrive today. The route to … Continue reading

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Consistency in Print — How to Get and Maintain It

Nothing speaks corporate image quite the way consistency does. We recognize it immediately in advertising everywhere — think of Bell. Every piece of material for this company — in print and on the web — subtly speaks the company name. … Continue reading

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Planning your Project: Are you Comparing Apples to Apples?

Do you have a design project in mind? Are you planning on getting competitive quotes? Be sure that your suppliers are quoting on the same job! Here are a few things to consider. One of the first steps you should take … Continue reading

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The Checklist: Never Too Much Information

Over the years, many of our clients have asked what information we need to help us provide accurate estimates. To help speed along your quote, we suggest putting together as much information as you can before sitting down with your designer. … Continue reading

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